Supporting local farmers important to community health

Media release Tuesday 15 May:

Environmental lawyer, Sue Higginson, who specialises in land use conflict says the Nationals have betrayed their community with the decision of NSW Health to choose foreign owned Dairy Farmers milk over that of Norco.

“Like many in our community, I’m disappointed that NSW Health has chosen a foreign multinational company as its milk supplier rather than the local farmer owned cooperative Norco.

“This adds to the Nationals’ track record of shafting local farmers for big business.

“Norco is a staple of our region and has an admirable history in supporting dairy farmers and riding out the pitfalls of deregulation and supermarket price wars. They shouldn’t be kicked to the ground by the Nationals when dairy farmers are already struggling.

“Its not good enough for the Nationals to blame NSW Health’s procurement policy. The procurement policy should weight local businesses more favourably, like councils have done in our local area.

“I’m a farmer and know how tough it is securing contracts and getting your product to market. Just now I’m harvesting 30ha of dryland rice and I know how important local markets are.

“Supporting local businesses keeps jobs and money in the local economy which is essential for our community’s health and wellbeing.”

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