6 June 2018

Expert environmental lawyer, farmer and local, Sue Higginson has been announced as the Greens candidate for Lismore for the 2019 State Election.

“I’m humbled and very excited to be endorsed as the Greens’ candidate for the seat of Lismore at the 2019 State Election,” said Sue Higginson. “I am looking forward to continuing my track record of standing up for communities across NSW, taking on the big issues, findings solutions and working in the public interest.

Our previous Greens candidate Adam Guise came within a handful of votes of winning the last State Election, so I’m proud to continue his good work with the community.”

“It’s time for a change in the Seat of Lismore. The Nationals are a party of the past who left the farm a long time ago to look after big business with policies that serve the wrong interests across the State. As we saw with Coal Seam Gas, if the community had not rallied together and stood up, the Nationals would have happily sold out our region.

A new vision is needed for a fairer and livable future for our communities. The Greens have that vision and are currently making a big difference in Government at all levels. We stand on a platform of sustainability and fairness and we are informed by science and evidence. We are the Party that identifies the problems and works on innovative solutions. We are the only Party who’s hands aren’t tied to vested interests. The only interests that pull our strings are the public and the community’s.”

“As an environmental lawyer for EDO NSW, I have stood up for farmers and communities around the State and across our region fighting to protect their rights to farm and protect our precious places. I have stood up for the small guys in courts against governments and big business not playing by the rules and I have won. “I am no stranger to Macquarie Street having spent many long hours advising Members of Parliament from all parties about the meaning of our laws and how they will impact on the daily lives of the community. The role of an MP is to represent their community and to make laws for the State. I know what good laws look like and I know how laws impact on communities and our environment.

“As a farmer and a country Green I am very committed to seeing the proper investment and support in sustainable agriculture in the northern rivers. With a changing climate we need to work hard to build resilience in our agricultural sector.”

“As a mother and grandmother, I want a fair future for our children, and their children, that is not compromised by short sightedness, greed or lack of innovation.

As a snap shot of our local vision – if elected I will work tirelessly with my Parliamentary colleagues to:

take immediate action to address the devastating impacts posed by climate change in order to protect our way of life and economy
remove the barriers to sustainable agriculture in our region
fix the chronic understaffing of our Hospital and see better investment in preventative health
enable assisted dying
provide real social justice solutions to our law and order system, including through culturally appropriate Aboriginal courts
return the Richmond River to health
ensure our native forests are protected from destructive logging practices and turn them into the envy of the world, realizing their income generation through tourism and carbon farming.
call for a treaty with our original peoples who have lived harmoniously with this land for tens of thousands of years.
develop a comprehensive regional public transport system
make our region’s bright future in renewable energy a reality
develop a sustainable tourism industry through the region

Sue will be available for physical interviews 11am

For comment: Sue Higginson 0428 227 363

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