MEDIA RELEASE 4th March 2019: Greens NSW Upper House Member David Shoebridge MP and Candidate for Lismore Sue Higginson will launch the Greens 100% renewable energy action plan on Tuesday, March 5 at the Rotunda in Spinks Park, Lismore at 1pm.

Sue Higginson said “Our action plan is the game changer that everyone has been waiting for.”

“Under our plan, PowerNSW, a publicly owned 100% renewable electricity power supplier and retailer will be fully operational by 2030,” said Ms Higginson. “It’s designed around a $5 billion Regional Clean Infrastructure Investment that will fund four regional energy hubs to distribute affordable electricity in the Murray-Riverina, Northern NSW Tablelands, Central West NSW and Broken Hill.”

Mr Shoebridge said, “PowerNSW will create an entirely new set of publicly-owned renewable electricity assets state-wide. It will remove the hegemony of corporations holding our political system to ransom and save NSW consumers more than $200 a year on average.

“This is the business end of the Greens Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 – a $1.25 billion plan to drive the uptake of household solar in the state, including for the hundreds of thousands of consumers traditionally locked out of the solar self-generation market.” Mr Shoebridge said.

“Under our plan, 350,000 new households are expected to be built in NSW over the next four years. This means they’ll have, at minimum, 5kW of solar PV and 4.5kWh of battery storage – or be able to contribute to a registered community renewable energy provider.”

“All new apartments and other attached dwellings would also be required to install at least 3kW of solar system per household, or pay $2000 to a registered community renewable energy provider.”

“The Greens’ plan will offer a $2,000 rebate for solar and batteries for up to 500,000 existing households with a weekly income of up to $3000/week. Our plan lays out the much needed path forward.”

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