People power set to accelerate Sue Higginson’s State Election campaign

MEDIA RELEASE February 10th 2019: MORE than 200 Greens supporters braved 35-degree heat on Saturday to launch the campaign for Sue Higginson, Lismore’s Greens candidate in the State Election, in Peace Park, Lismore.

Six weeks out from the tight contest for the seat of Lismore, Sue Higginson’s campaign launch was an unprecedented show of supporter strength.

“That more than 200 people were willing to come out in the heat and give their support just shows how much people-power there is behind this campaign. It just goes to show how many people want political change in the region,” Sue Higginson said.

Ms Higginson revealed her Future-Ready Region Plan at the event, before supporters took part in a mass door-knocking effort around the electorate.

“Unlike the major party campaigns which are financed by corporate donations, The Greens rely on our grassroots supporters to spread our messages through door-knocking, voter calls and conversations,” she said.

“What has come out strongly with our thousands of conversation with locals is that they want their local member to represent local concerns, rather than those of large corporate donors.”

Ms Higginson said to supporters: “At this election, your vote is the most powerful we’ve ever had. The state seat of Lismore is the equal-fourth most marginal seat in the State. The Nationals hold Lismore by 2.9 per cent. That’s only a few votes. We also know there are many predicting that the Parliament of NSW may be a hung parliament.

“That is an exciting proposition for all of us. The Greens currently have three lower house seats, Balmain, Newtown, and Ballina. If we retain those and add Lismore, that is four possible seats adding to the balance of power between those two old major parties. That gives us a position and a privilege to serve our communities and negotiate for accelerated change – especially on the big topics, like climate change, our rivers, health, housing and education,” she said.

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