MEDIA RELEASE 27th November 2018: The National party are showing their desperation about the very real prospect of losing the NSW state seat of Lismore to the Greens after a motion introduced into the Australian Senate yesterday.

Whilst National Party Senators Williams and O’Sullivan were wasting the Senate’s time yesterday with a motion condemning a personal Facebook post by another Greens candidate from several weeks ago, the Greens candidate for Lismore, Sue Higginson, herself a commercial dryland rice farmer, was loading a semi-trailer with stock fodder grown on her own farm to send to cattle farmers in the west of NSW who are enduring the drought.

“The motion over a Facebook post shows the National Party are desperate to hold on to the state seat of Lismore, a seat they very nearly lost to the Greens at the last election,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens Agriculture and Rural Affairs spokesperson.

“If the Nationals want to really help farmers, they should take a leaf out of Sue Higginson’s book.”

Senator Rice said, “Instead of recognising that they’re on the nose in the Northern Rivers because they sold farmers and farming communities out to coal seam gas, they are wasting the Senate’s time on a Facebook post.

She said, “Instead of recognising that farmers are fed up with the Nationals burying their heads in the sand when it comes to climate change while drought ravages regional and remote communities across Australia, the Nationals are focussed on playing games in parliament”.

“Meanwhile the Greens in the Northern Rivers, as with Greens across the country, are standing with and supporting farmers. In fact, the Greens in the Northern Rivers are farmers, including our excellent candidate for the state seat of Lismore, dry land rice grower Sue Higginson.”

Greens candidate for Lismore, Sue Higginson said, “I can’t believe this inflammatory time-wasting nonsense all started with Kevin Hogan trolling the Facebook page of the Greens candidate for Page here in the Northern Rivers. Our Page candidate merely posted an article written by a scientist about the burden livestock can place on certain lands in Australia.

“On behalf of all Australians, and particularly us farmers here in the Northern Rivers, I ask Kevin if he could spend less time trolling Facebook and more time trying to get his party to take real action on behalf of farmers facing the impacts of climate change, drought coal seam gas, coal mining and the loss of agricultural land to inappropriately located development,” said Ms Higginson.

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