Water Mining

Extracting large volumes of water from our complex ground water systems here in the Northern Rivers and putting it in plastic bottles so a private company can make a profit is not the in the public interest. Ground water is a natural resource that ought to be managed for its best use, taking it out of the system entirely is not the sort of sustainable development that we need in our Region.

There is significant community opposition to this type of water extraction development in our region and that opposition is building every day.

The Greens are opposed to water mining in the Northern Rivers

The Greens in the Northern Rivers have a vision to build the resilience of our remarkable landscapes so that we can be a food and produce hub which can provide for all of us. This means allocating our precious natural resources, such as our ground water to best public use. Allowing individual wealthy companies to extract ground water and take it out of the region for private profit is an irresponsible thing to do in the face of what we know.

We are calling on the NSW Government to give power to local councils to regulate and prohibit water mining in our region.