Reclaiming Our Democracy

Our political system needs fixing. It’s time to stop the influence of big corporations and their paid lobbyists. Our democracy should work for everyone, not just for the people and corporations who can buy a seat at the table.

Unlike Labor and the Nationals, the Greens do not accept corporate donations. The NSW Greens have a plan for a fairer democracy, where decisions are transparent and money cannot buy influence.

Tackling Political Corruption

  • Ban all corporate political donations: The existing bans on political donations will be extended to all corporations, including fossil fuel companies.
  • Close the revolving door between big business and government: Legislate a five year ‘cooling-off period‘ for ministers, MPs and their staff before they can work in industries where they had significant dealings.
  • Restore democracy to Parliament: Introduce a democracy charter to ensure the government maintains an efficient, accountable and well funded public service.
  • Extend financial disclosure and transparency: All MPs to fully disclose their financial interests, and those of immediate family members. All lobbying meetings to be documented through publicly available minutes, published online in real time.

Read more about the NSW Greens policies to reduce the influence of corporate interests on our governments and ensure we have a healthy, well functioning democracy.

Right to protest Laws

Here in NSW the Government is dismantling the community’s right to peaceful assembly.

– Our right to peacefully gather assemble and protest on public land is fundamental to the health of our community and our environment.

– Democracy and good governance rests upon a foundation of civil and political rights.

-Here in our own region our world heritage forests have survived because of past protests actions. They now provide substantial value to the community, the economy and future generations.

– So much of what we take for granted today is the result of the work of past protest movements, the end of slavery, fair working conditions, even the right to vote itself.

Our Plan to Reclaim our Democracy

  • Repeal the anti-protest laws (the 2016 anti-protests laws that enacted new laws with excessive penalties for mining protests.
  • Repeal the 2018 regulation that allows any police officer or other authorised official to disperse any assembly on public land anywhere in NSW including parks, beaches, forests or roadsides).
  • Build the strength and resilience of civil society to participate in our democracy and provide local communities a real and respected voice in the decisions that impact upon them and their local environment.
  • Introduce a bill of rights

Join us in reclaiming our right to peacefully protect our region by reversing the National Party’s anti-protest laws.