Real Action on Climate Change

Climate Change is here and poses a serious threat to our way of life and our environment. The Liberal/National Coalition and Labor Governments have let coal and gas companies ruin our energy system and rip the community off with skyrocketing energy bills.

NSW is one of Australia’s largest coal producers and exporters. The number of new coal projects in the NSW Government’s pipeline dwarfs the Adani Coal Mine.

We saw first hand how the Northern Rivers community had to put ourselves on the line to resist invasive gas mining and how determined the government were to force it upon us.

The Greens have a plan for:

– A just transition away from fossil fuels to 100% renewables by 2030

– No new coal mines or expansions.

– Establishment of Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) across Australia to drive the clean energy transition.

– Bringing the energy grid back into public hands and establish a new $2.8 billion Grid Transformation Fund to support the augmentation of transmission infrastructure required to connect new zones to the electricity grid.

– Requiring all new development to be climate-smart and ready

– Supporting community-owned renewable energy projects and make publicly-owned building and land available for renewable development

– Putting solar and batteries on every school and hospital.

– Supporting innovation and SCU’s energy lab  

– Developing our road networks so they are electric vehicle-ready

– Support all businesses, homes and transport to become renewable ready.

Read about out policies in more detail here