The Liberal/National Coalition and Labor have neglected public housing for decades. They have assumed property developers and investors will provide housing stock and everyone will somehow afford their own home through the private market.  

Numerous schemes and subsidies have encouraged home ownership as a means to build wealth (for some) rather than a safe home for families.

The current approach to housing in NSW is failing. Successive governments have ignored real solutions and created a system that works best for banks, property developers and the very wealthy – but not for those most in need.

The NSW Greens’ plan will deliver the homes needed to solve the housing crisis, end homelessness and ensure everybody has a place to call home.

Our Housing Plan

Housing is a basic human right. The Greens want everyone to have a home and know that with the right investment everyone can. We will:

  • End homelessness. People experiencing homelessness will be offered social housing for as long as they require it, plus ongoing professional support.
  • Rights and security for renters. People who rent will no longer be evicted without a reason, and will be entitled to keep pets. Rent rises will be capped at the Consumer Price Index. 

  • Local council housing initiatives. Give local councils the ability to increase supply of affordable housing through inclusionary zoning and an Empty Homes Levy.

  • Universal housing system. Build 300,000 social homes. Just like Medicare and public schooling, everyone will be able to apply for social housing. Secure tenancy with rent capped at 25% of income.

  • Coordinated, integrated housing strategy. All issues related to housing, including homelessness and residential tenancy, to be unified in a single portfolio with responsibility to a senior, dedicated minister. 

  • All homes zero emissions by 2030. Develop the Beyond Zero Emissions’ Buildings Plan to retrofit every home in NSW and create tens of thousands of jobs. Energy use and bills will be halved, with many households producing more energy than they need.

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