Protecting Our Environment

For decades, the major parties have weakened environmental laws while allowing logging, agro-business and fossil fuel industries to wreck our natural environments.

The NSW Greens have a plan to strengthen environmental protections and invest in recovery plans for threatened habitats. We will:

  • Protect native forests. Stop logging of native forests by scrapping Regional Forest Agreements, and reinstate laws to protect native habitats from private land clearing.

  • Preserve pristine wilderness areas. Create a Great Koala National Park in northern NSW and stop plans to flood the Blue Mountains World Heritage-listed wilderness.

  • Restore national parks. Return funding and increase staff for national parks throughout NSW, which have been subject to severe cutbacks.

  • Restore rivers to health. Call a Royal Commission into management of the Murray Darling River system, while enacting plans to restore river catchments throughout NSW and ensuring strict management of water flows. 

Read more about The Greens plans to protect our environment in NSW here

Forests & Wildlife in Northern NSW

Our public native forests in Northern NSW are sick and continue to be over extracted to prop up an industry that refuses to properly embrace the present and the future.

These forests are some of the most important refuges for many of our most threatened species. They provide values more important than timber and need to be managed for those values.

The Nationals/Liberal Coalition has just pushed through new rules that will see our public native forests logged more heavily and  many of the hard won protections of the 1990’s removed.

Our plan to protect our Forests and Wildlife

The Greens are committed to:

  • An end to Native Forest Logging on our public forest estate with our forests to be managed for  Climate, Koalas, Wildlife, Water, Jobs, Recreation and Education.
  • Provision for the full just transition of forest workers.
  • Investment in the full recovery of our bell miner affected dieback forests.
  • Support for the Githabul and Conservation Group’s MOU.
  • Support for further investment into mix species healthy plantations.  


Koalas are an indicator species that highlight the broader extinction crisis facing our native animal populations.They have suffered at the hands of National/Liberal Coalition and Labour Governments for decades.

The current coalition government introduced the most regressive land clearing and threatened species laws which will certainly see the extinction of koalas in time – most koala experts say by 2025.

The Greens have been working with the conservation movement to create the Great Koala National Park (near Coffs Harbour). When we tried to introduce a law into parliament last year to create this National Park the Nationals, Liberals and ALP voted against this initiative.

We will continue to prioritise the protection of core and potential koala habitat across the region with:

– removal of the offsetting scheme from core and potential koala habitat.

– a comprehensive koala habitat restoration plan.

– support for a wildlife hospital in the Northern Rivers.

– support for the identified needs of Friends of the Koala.