100% Renewables

The Greens have announced our comprehensive clean energy policy for NSW

NSW has not realised its significant potential as a green energy powerhouse because of a decade of policy uncertainty, and successive state and federal governments refusing to set ambitious targets to tackle climate change.


The Greens NSW have a plan to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030 and will allocate $15 million for the establishment of PowerNSW to manage the state’s new clean energy infrastructure and deliver retail energy.

PowerNSW will manage the portfolio of public assets to be created through strategic investments in new renewable energy projects. It will also be responsible for strengthening the NSW power grid and overseeing large-scale energy storage projects.

PowerNSW will operate under a mandate to ensure electricity is delivered to NSW sustainably and reliably, in stark contrast to the gaming and price-gouging practices of big corporate energy companies.

Read the full policy here


The Northern NSW Tablelands is an ideal location for wind farms and pumped hydro energy storage projects. Investment will unlock potential for the region to serve as an energy hub delivering clean, reliable and affordable energy for NSW.This hub will also support a new transmission network interconnector to be established between NSW and Queensland, further strengthening the electricity supplies between the two states.

Greens plan for 1 million households to have solar in four years

The NSW Greens have launched a $1.25 billion comprehensive plan to ensure at least one million extra households in NSW can either install solar panels or be part of community renewable energy schemes within four years. 

The Household Solar Plan is part of the Greens Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 and involves:

  • Mandatory solar plus batteries for all new dwellings – 350,000 in four years
  • $2000 rebate for rooftop solar and batteries for 500,000 households
  • Solar panels on all public housing and government buildings – 110,000 public housing tenants receive electricity rebates
  • A community solar offset scheme for apartment owners and renters – 200,000 participants in four years
  • A Fair Price for Solar – mandatory extra 4.4c/kW for avoided health and social costs