MONDAY, MARCH 11: Mounted on horseback, Sue Higginson, the Greens Candidate for Lismore, rode through Lismore this morning with Inverell farmer Glenn Morris, who infamously stopped traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge twelve months ago, to raise awareness of climate change and the need for strong environmental protection laws.

At the opening of early polling, Ms Higginson and Glenn Morris led a procession of electric vehicles, bikes and people power along Molesworth St to drive the message home that this State Election is a referendum on climate change, clean energy, the environment and communities.

After dismounting from her well-trained stock horse, Ms Higginson told a crowd of supporters that she was leading the procession to focus on the most important issues before us.

“As early voting opens, we have to talk about what this election is really about. We know it’s the first election since the IPCC released its report in October, telling us that this is a critical time to make our future a positive story for the next mob, and the one after that. Today displayed, right here in Lismore, that climate change and healthy communities are defining issues of this election. This election is a referendum on what steps we take to move into our safe climate future. Everybody knows that the whole of NSW is looking at this seat. It’s one of the most marginal seats in the state and it is one the Greens can win. We’ve got work to do to make sure that the necessary change happens to ensure our region has a safe, thriving future”.

Since June last year Ms Higginson’s campaign has been setting the agenda on climate change and the environment, forcing the major parties to put their own plans on the table. The Greens plan to revive the dying Richmond River, protect our koala habitat and fight for healthy communities has led the agenda on the election campaign for this hotly contested seat.

“We rode two beautiful horses in a cavalcade of sustainable electric cars and bikes through the CBD, to highlight our intention to introduce a bright, sustainable future for our region,” said Ms Higginson.

“This is about doing politics differently, reclaiming our democracy and most importantly calling you, the voter, to vote for positive change.”

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