MEDIA RELEASE 5 November 2018:

Sue Higginson, Public Interest Environmental Lawyer and Greens Candidate for the Seat of Lismore is calling on National Party MP Geoff Provest to stop ignoring farmers and the community and stop backing the plan to concrete the fertile Cudgen State Significant Farmland for the much needed new Tweed Hospital.

Ms Higginson said, “Today Farmers are blockading the proposed site for the new Tweed Hospital. The Farmers and community are begging the State Government to develop the much needed hospital somewhere else. They have formed a human blockade at the site and are determined to protect this farmland from inappropriate development”. 

Ms Higginson says “ït is hard to believe that the member for Tweed is not putting his head down to work out a reasonable resolution to this issue. It is not good planning to take State Significant Farmland out of the food production system. There are so many other sites the much needed hospital could be developed upon.

“Now we have members of the community having to stand and blockade to protect the State Significant farmland. It is terribly irresponsible of Mr Provest to allow this unrest to happen on his watch. In fact it is unbelievable that the Nationals once again are not listening to the community – all it is asking is to protect our food producing land and find another site – of which there are many. This is what happened at Bentley where thousands and thousands gathered over weeks and weeks to say no to invasive coal seam gas fields being developed on farmland in this Region. Here the community are not even saying no – they are just saying not here.”

“Our elected representatives need to work to find solutions to community concerns – not create land use conflict and get in the trenches and throw grenades at members of the community who want to protect important things – like state significant farmland.”

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